2015: Our known ‘devil’ vs the unknown ‘angel’

In 2011, we tot we kud separate d candidate from his party, we tot what was needed then is any capable hand irrespective of his political party, but obviously we were all wrong and probably still wrong now, the party controls everything the President does. in the light of this revelation, people are looking for a party that will be better in ideology, preferred in manifestos and provide better path to our liberation. Am not an advocate of trial by error, but it appears that is what we are left with now. PDP is most likely going to present GEJ for 2015 and that seems to me like a repeat of 2011. As to APC, I think their manifesto is pretty simple though not very encompassing but I think if they can be truthful with Nigerians and execute the ‘simple’ one, we will be better than our past 14 years experience. Alot of us are getting frustrated already, this country cant continue in this path, it wont end well. God bless Nigeria